You have been using the products, experiencing the results, and people are taking notice! Sharing your story can be one of the most effective ways to market your business. People all over the world are experiencing life-changing results and are understandably excited to share.

Before you start developing or refining your story, let’s take a moment to review the fundamentals of sharing your story the right way.

Eight Tips on How to Present over Zoom like a Pro

Follow these guidelines for written, verbal, video and social media presentations, and even in casual conversation.

When Sharing Your Story Be Sure that it:

  • Is accurate and truthful
  • Gives reasonable expectations
  • NEVER suggests that any products treat, cure, or prevent any disease
  • NEVER promises, implies, or guarantees financial or physical results

Here is an Example of how to Share Your Story

  • Before XanthoMyst I … (what were you experiencing that you think the product helped with)
  • I was introduced to XanthoMyst by (person, reason, circumstances)
  • I have been using XanthoMyst for (how long, how often, how you use it)
  • As a result I am now (detail the benefits)
  • I now feel (describe how you feel today)

For video product experiences

  1. Videos should be short and to the point. (30-45 seconds max).
  2. Include your name (first name or first and last and where you are from).
  3. Include “before and after” results.
  4. Follows the guidelines above.

For written product experiences

  • Attach a fun photo of you with the product that you are sharing your testimony about;
  • Write a SHORT summary of your full name, state that this is “MY PERSONAL TESTIMONY*” (it’s important you write this, and include an asterisk *️⃣ behind the word testimony*, for legal reasons);
  • Include the before (back-story) of relevance to your personal experience;
  • What specifically have you been doing with the CTFO product that you are excited to share your personal testimony about?;
  • Indicate your commitment to continue consuming the product(s) that you are excited to share and what your future goals are relevant to your health & your quality of life you are committed to achieving.

Please include the following FDA disclaimer, with *️⃣ an asterisk next to your disclaimer at the bottom of your post….

^ These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and malady, illness or disease. Always consult an accredited healthcare practitioner prior to starting any nutritional regimen.

We would love to have you share your XanthoMyst, GlutaMyst or other product Experience with us on our Monday night team calls.

Please send product experiences to [email protected]. If possible send both written and video.