BEFORE You Get Started

Check out our Promotions Page to determine the BEST way to get started.

Signing Up

Go to your sponsor’s website and click on Pre-Order Now.

NOTE: The website will be: (replace “username” with the user name of your sponsor.

  • Put a single or a 7-pack in your cart.
  • Click on the Cart in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  • Click on Get SmartShip Price Today (Subscribe and Save)
  • Click on Create Free Account on the right of the page you are taken to next.
  • Fill out the information on the next page.

NOTE: The user name you choose will be your website name that you will use to sponsor others.

Upgrading to Associate

  • Once you have set up your customer account click on login to back office.
  • Click on Upgrade to Associate
  • Agree to Policies and Procedures and you are an Associate.


  • Purchase a XanthoMyst 7-Pack or Create your own Deeply Discounted PACK (15%-25% discount)
  • Write down your website name (user name) and Associate ID#
  • Write down Customer Support Contact [email protected] or 707-449-4567
  • Join CTFO Associate Community group in Facebook
  • Explore the Back Office and become familiar with the resources available
  • Download & begin reviewing your 5 to Thrive Roadmap to Success Training
  • Determine your Why (see 5 To Thrive training)- the reason you became an Associate and Share it with your Sponsor
  • Decide which specific days and hours you will work your CTFO business
  • Make a List of people you want to contact first/Warm Market (friends,family,etc.)
  • Learn about the products (see product videos) and what makes them unique.
  • Study The 5 To Thrive Compensation Plan and Learn how to Get off to a Fast Start in Your First 30 Days.
    • Product Introduction Bonuses
      • 10% – 50%
      • Start off at 50% by purchasing a XanthoMyst 7-Pack or Customize your Own Platinum Pack of any combination of products.
    • Fast Start Bonuses
      • 1K in first 30 days (+$200)
      • 3K in first 45 days (+$300)
    • Infinity Bonuses
      • Starts at Manager 5
    • Loyalty Bonuses
      • Starts at 5K
  • Study the CTFO Compensation Plan.
  • Set a goal for the Rank level you want to achieve in the first three months of your business. 5K – 20K are great goals to get off to the fastest start and start earning income fast.
  • Start inviting people to your website to shop for products
  • Work with your Sponsor or Upline
  • Continue adding contacts to your Personal Network List
  • Host and plug into events (Online or In person)
  • Activate your PayQuicker account once you have earned your first commission check (you will receive an email invitation)
  • Become familiar with the CTFO Policies and Procedures
  • Continue to add names to your Personal Network List and Follow Up

Business & Training Documents

CTFO Business Builder Checklist

5 to Thrive Roadmap to Success