All members of CTFO with an order of $45 or more are considered “active” in the compensation plan. But most members order more because of the SmartShip program that allows you to Save More on all CTFO Products.

  • Save 5% on orders if you are on a SmartShip for product orders less than $100.
  • Save 10% on orders of $100 or more for the first two months.
  • Save 20% on orders of $100 or more starting with the third order and and every order after.

Here is a list of recommended products that qualify a member to be active. The price listed is without SmartShip savings. You will save an additional 5-20% with SmartShip.

Our Top Two Recommendations for SmartShip Packs that save the most money.

  • Foundational Health Pack (XanthoMyst, Super7, 10XPure Ultimate Vitamins and Minerals) $134.97 (Save $50 off individual prices with pack) 
  • XanthoMyst 2-Pack $150 (Save $10 off individual prices with pack, and up to $30 more with SmartShip)

Recommended Products Under $100

Recommended Products Under $60

Recommended Products Under $50

Under $30
(Note: None of these products alone meet the qualifications to be active, but you can add them to additional products to make packs over $45, or over $100 depending on how much you want to save)