Make sure you connect with CTFO and Upline Team Partners. Check with your sponsor for additional team resources to plug into. Make sure in addition to those resources you also plug into support resources from CTFO, Power Players, and Legacy Team.

The Power Players Team is made up of Former Xango Million Dollar Earners and Multi-Million Dollar Earners. If you are a former Xango member you will want to plug into our team resources as we are partnered not only with former top income earners, but also MangosteenMD. Dr. Fred Templeman is working on bringing back to provide us all the additional educational and support resources for mangosteen and our new product XanthoMyst.

The Legacy Team (Our Upline Partner Michael Swilling)

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Telegram is a message delivery platform that allows users to communicate individually or in groups. By creating a channel we can communicate to a group of individuals without anyone seeing the subscriber list. This allows users to be “incognito” and be able to receive group messages without everyone in the group being able to see each other.

Power Players Team XanthoMyst Communication Channel


CTFO has a Private Associate Facebook Group where they communicate with members, do recognition, and broadcast live webinars.


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