Creating Health, Wealth and Abundance by bringing the most powerful mangosteen product to the world.

Welcome to the Team!

Welcome to the Team!

Welcome to our CTFO family,

Our beginnings in CTFO have been incredible with XanthoMyst. And NOW, we have added a unique extraordinary GlutaMyst to our “Myst” product line.

Many newcomers are coming onboard daily who want both better health and financial peace of mind. Some are Business Builders, some are customers, some are just trying the product, and some may be doing a favor for a friend. We want to welcome you and support you in your journey, however long or short that may be.

In the meantime, we wanted to give you a few Hot Links for pages on our site we want you to familiarize yourself with right away.

Upline Support

Please ask your sponsor for the contact information for three members of the upline team that can offer additional support. Subscribe to their mailing lists, social media links, video platforms, etc.

Team Support

You can Subscribe to our Mailing List on our Team Support Site:

Subscribe to our Team You Tube Channel:

There are some amazing new videos on science and studies just released on our channel. By subscribing you will be notified of all new videos being added to the channel so you can stay up to date.

CLICK HERE to PLUG IN to social media and other team and corporate support.

CTFO Account

Make sure you Login to your CTFO account at

If you are unsure about your username and password, you can ask your sponsor. If you know your username and not your password, you can do a password reset by clicking on Forgot Password.


Make sure you click on “Manage SmartShip” in the left column. Click on “Manage Current SmartShip Order”. If you do not have a current SmartShip order, there will be a box to set one up. If you have an order of $45 or more, you will remain active and qualify to earn in the compensation plan. If your order is less than $100 you will get a 10% discount on that order and all future orders. If you choose an order of $100 or more, you will get a 10% discount on the first and second order and then starting with the third order your discount will automatically go to 20%! That means you could have a $100 order and the first two months it would only be $90, and starting the third month it would only be $80!

Becoming an Associate

If you are a customer and would like to upgrade to an associate, you can do that for FREE if you have a purchase on your account of $45 or more! You can upgrade to an associate by clicking on the purple box in the upper right-hand corner about making money. You can begin earning commissions with your first enrollment.

Many people start off as a customer. You can upgrade to an Associate account at anytime and begin earning income for referrals. By purchasing one of our packs and referring others who do the same, you can begin to build a residual income. You can also earn Rapid Rank Bonuses of up to $700 in your first 30-60 days.

Making Money

Once you are an associate, you can see the clock ticking on how much time you have left in your first 30-60 days. In your first 30 days you can earn a $200 Rapid Rank Bonus by Ranking Up to 2K (by referring 5 people and having $2000 in TSV (Team Sales Volume). You can earn a $500 Rapid Rank Bonus if you get to $5000 in TSV in your first 60 days (no more than 60% coming from one leg).   5K is where the real money starts and your journey to financial freedom begins.

The Future

We are so excited to partner with you and your future partners and recreate history. Many of us were part of bringing the first commercial mangosteen product to market. And we are excited to partner together to bring the latest, greatest, most innovative, and high-tech products to market. With GlutaMyst and XanthoMyst we can begin to take control of our health and slow down our aging process. I can’t wait to hear all the personal experiences.

Personal Experiences

We would love for you to share your personal experiences with us.
EMAIL US @ [email protected]

Lastly, we have a Business Communication Channel on Telegram that we would love for any of you who want immediate business communication to subscribe to. This is a private channel, and no one will know who joins the channel unless you decide to communicate in the channel. This is a channel where you can receive immediate communication “incognito” and always be in the loop.

Please subscribe to our channel below.

With Gratitude!

Your Power Players CTFO Support Team