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Team Update 6/28/23

Discount Tickets Available until June 30th then prices go up.

Everything is BIG in Texas and that can include your Business if you are there. The venue has been changed to a hotel with a free airport shuttle and free breakfast included in the low rate of just $129. Tickets on sale now. Prices go up soon. Get your ticket today!

DERMAVie on Sale through July 9th!

DERMAVie is a well-balanced protein peptide, a deeply hydrating, fast-absorbing topical superfood for maintaining youthful, energetic facial skin cells.
DERMAVie is a potent day & night skin treatment designed to richly nourish, strengthen, replenish, and protect your skin’s moisture barrier for plumper, firmer-looking skin while restoring natural antioxidants depleted over time a youthful, supple touch.
It also supports skin elasticity, brightens the skin tone, and minimizes the appearance of aging & dark spots. It works for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and acne-prone skin.

Team Calls

Power Players Weekly Team Call every Wednesday Night

Wednesday Nights @

  • 6 pm PT
  • 7 pm MT
  • 8 pm CT
  • 9 pm ET

Join us each week with a special guest and learn more about the CTFO Business, Compensation, Products, Programs, and More.

Go to: 

Meeting ID: 89534260694

Dr. Dan Flemming and Dr. Fred Templeman joined us on this week’s call and talked about XanthoMyst as well as personal and patient experiences.

Team Call Archives

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CTFO International

Check out all of the XanthoMyst markets in CTFO!

CTFO Mexico

Check out the new XanthoMyst Promotion now through the end of July!

Team Update 6/21/23

It’s all about Texas! Everything is BIG in Texas and that can include your Business if you are there. The venue has been changed to a hotel with a free airport shuttle and free breakfast included in the low rate of just $129. Tickets on sale now. Prices go up soon. Get your ticket today!

CTFO International

Check out all of the XanthoMyst markets in CTFO!

Check out the new XanthoMyst Promotion now through the end of July!

Team Update 6/14/23

CTFO Corporate Newsletter 6/14/23

Team Call 6/14/23

Mexico is LIVE!

XanthoMyst Available to Order in Europe! UK Coming Soon!

Check Out all International Markets

Power Players XanthoMyst Team Launch Event in Texas 7/8
NOTE: Venue Change

XanthoMyst Promotions

Building Fast with the XanthoMyst Promotions

Compensation Plan Training

NEW CTFO XanthoMyst Product & Business Overview

Comp Plan Training Slides

Europe XanthoMyst Pre-Launch Starts Now

XanthoMystTM Now Available to Purchase in the EU(UK is coming soon!)
CTFO is excited to announce that XanthoMyst™ IS NOW available for pre-order in our EU countries! Just like we have experienced in the US and Canada, we know you will also love the benefits you receive when using XanthoMyst™!
From the moment you Twist & Myst™ XanthoMyst™ into your mouth, you’ll LOVE the way the tiny nanobubbles adhere to the inside of your mouth to improve the delivery of XanthoMyst™ directly into your body, bypassing the degradation of gastrointestinal enzymes in the stomach.
Why Is the Product Called XanthoMyst™?“Xantho” is derived from the many natural xanthones found in Mangosteen Fruit.  Twist & MystTM your daily serving of XanthoMyst™ into your mouth. XanthoMyst™ efficiently delivers mangosteen nutrients into your body for higher potency and bioavailability. 
Here are some details for you, and to also share with your team:
XanthoMyst™ can now be pre-ordered and is expected to ship from our Netherlands warehouse in 3 – 4 weeks. If you order other products with your XanthoMyst™ order, your complete order will be held until XanthoMyst™ is available to be shipped.
Pricing for XanthoMyst™, not including VAT, is as follows (USD):
Single XanthoMyst™ – 30 day supply·         
Wholesale – $89.97, 43 CV       
5% SmartShip Discount – $85.47 (on single XanthoMysts and orders under $100)
10% SmartShip Discount – $80.97 (only applies if SmartShip total is $100 or more before discount)
20% Smartship Discount – $71.98 (starts month 3 on SmartShip orders of $100 or more before discount)
XanthoMyst™ 2-Pack – 2, 30-day supply XanthoMysts™
Wholesale – $169.97 (Save $9.97 off Wholesale), 78 CV
10% SmartShip Discount – $152.97 ($76.49 each)
20% SmartShip Discount – $135.98 ($67.99 each)
Shipping:  Given increases in transportation and shipping costs as well as fuel surcharges, we have had to make some adjustments to the shipping charges throughout the EU. Our minimum shipping charge has increased slightly to more substantially, depending on the country that CTFO products are being shipped to.  Additionally, we have been able to lower the shipping charge on many of the orders that have 3 or more products, depending on weight. 
We are very excited to bring XanthoMyst™ to the EU.  Stay tuned for more information on the XanthoMyst™ UK pre-order, coming soon!
XanthoMyst™ 7-Pack – 7, 30-day supply XanthoMysts™
Wholesale – $629.79 / Special Price – $469.97 (Save $159.82 off Wholesale!)
Paid as Manager 5 for first 30 Days (50% Product Intro Bonus and Unilevel only)

Team Update 6/7/23

Tune in tonight for Two Great Calls

CTFO Corporate Call 5 pm PT: Mexico Pre-Launch Begins Tomorrow

Power Players Team Call 6 pm PT: Special Guest Kevin Fournier, let’s talk International!

MEXICO Pre-Launch Call June 7th @ 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET

Power Players TeamCall June 7th @ 6 pm PT / 7 pm MT / 8 pm CT / 9 pm ET

President’s Update 6/5/23

  1. Catch up on the groundbreaking Canada Event highlights.
  2. Get the brand new XanthoMyst Promo Pack, available today. 
  3. These past four days have seen the most significant sales since the CBD era. 
  4. Stay tuned for this week’s major announcement regarding XanthoMyst available in the UK/Europe.
  5. Hold onto your seats for another major announcement: we’re pre-launching XanthoMyst in MEXICO this week. 
  6. We are witnessing a rare moment – this is just the beginning of Liposomal Nano-Emulsion 10xPure’s priority technology.

Team Update 6/3/23


Team Call 6/7 with Kevin Fournier

Wednesday a BIG Day for CTFO and for our Power Players XanthoMyst Team!

The CTFO Markets in the EU and the UK will announce the pre-launch of XanthoMyst into their markets. Emails will be sent to all CTFO members in those markets that XanthoMyst will be available for Pre-Order on June 8th!

CTFO is Opening a Brand New Market with the Pre-Launch of XanthoMyst in Mexico! There will be two calls Wednesday Night. The first to announce the pre-launch of the market to current CTFO members. The second will be a business opportunity overview in Spanish to Mexican Prospects.

Plug into the first call and join our team call afterward to get all the details on the International Opportunities in CTFO with our special guest, Kevin Fournier, president of CTFO.

Invite your Mexican friends to the second call and be part of a global launch in Mexico!

Invite your team, your prospects, and your friends to learn about a unique opportunity to launch a powerful new Mangosteen Product to the world!

  • Join us Wednesday, June 7th @ 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET
  • XanthoMyst Global Expansion
  • with CTFO President Kevin Fournier

  • XanthoMyst pre-orders begin on June 7th in New Markets.
  • All Current CTFO Markets in Europe and the UK.
  • And MEXICO, a whole new market for CTFO.

Tune in and learn what has been happening in CTFO since the launch of XanthoMyst and how YOU can create significant additional by building locally and expanding globally.

Go to:  – Zoom Meeting ID: 89534260694

Mexico Here We Come!

TWO Special Calls Wednesday Night, June 7th, starting at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET

5 pm PT Mexico Pre-Launch Calls to US Leaders 1K and Above

6 pm PT Mexico CTFO Business Overview for Mexico in Spanish (by Evelyn Monroig)

The time has come! We are ready for the Pre-Launch of CTFO Mexico! We are inviting all leaders $1k and above to be a pioneer in opening Mexico with CTFO. If you are interested in learning more about CTFO’s Mexico’s Pre-Launch, we are inviting you to a Zoom Call on Wednesday June 7th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST, to share Phase 1 with you. Please confirm your attendance and use the link below to attend:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 6887 8156

Passcode: 894958

Also on June 7th at 6pm PST, we will be hosting our first Business Opportunity Webinar for the Mexico Market.  It will be hosted in Spanish by our VP of Sales and Field Development, Evelyn Monroig.  This is the perfect introduction for anyone who is in Mexico and is looking to learn more about CTFO. Invite, invite everyone you know to this call!!

You can attend this webinar by going to:

Topic: CTFO Corporate’s Zoom Meeting First Mx Business Presentation.

Time: Jun 7, 2023 6pm PST / 9:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 892 5343 8888

Passcode: 778359

We are super excited to have you with us as we are making history.

Team Update 5/31/23

There are a lot of exciting things happening with XanthoMyst and some things are time sensitive. So catch up, keep up, and spread the word.



  • New XanthoMyst Packs Launch Next Week
  • Next Week XanthoMyst Pre-Launches in Europe, UK, and Mexico!
  • President Kevin Fournier joins us on our Team Call 6/7 with Business and International Updates!


Team Calls

Call Replay from 5/31/23 with Dr. Templeman

Next week our Special Guest will be CTFO President, Kevin Fournier. Kevin will be talking about XanthoMyst and International Expansion.

Power Players XanthoMyst Team Calls are Every Wednesday Night

Replays for all of our Team Calls can be found on our website at: