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Team Update 6/7/23

Team Update 6/7/23

Tune in tonight for Two Great Calls

CTFO Corporate Call 5 pm PT: Mexico Pre-Launch Begins Tomorrow

Power Players Team Call 6 pm PT: Special Guest Kevin Fournier, let’s talk International!

MEXICO Pre-Launch Call June 7th @ 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET

Power Players TeamCall June 7th @ 6 pm PT / 7 pm MT / 8 pm CT / 9 pm ET

President’s Update 6/5/23

  1. Catch up on the groundbreaking Canada Event highlights.
  2. Get the brand new XanthoMyst Promo Pack, available today. 
  3. These past four days have seen the most significant sales since the CBD era. 
  4. Stay tuned for this week’s major announcement regarding XanthoMyst available in the UK/Europe.
  5. Hold onto your seats for another major announcement: we’re pre-launching XanthoMyst in MEXICO this week. 
  6. We are witnessing a rare moment – this is just the beginning of Liposomal Nano-Emulsion 10xPure’s priority technology.

Team Update 6/3/23