Vital4Lyfe Freedom Pack Available to ALL CTFO Members Through June 30th 2024!

Starting July 1st the Freedom Pack will only be available to purchase as a First 30 Product Experience Pack (for new members in their first 30 days).

CTFO’s Vital4Lyfe FREEdom Pack is a great way for a new Associate or Customer to get started on a journey to better health at a significantly discounted price. It contains 3 Vital4Lyfe Packs for your personal use, demonstration purposes or to immediately get into the hands of your new Associates or Customers who order from CTFO.

Our Vital4Lyfe Pack (the FREEdom Pack contains 3 Vital4Lyfe Packs) features our Best-Selling innovative Products, XanthoMyst™ and GlutaMyst™ as well as our 10xPURE™ Ultimate Multi- Vitamin Mineral Supplement and Super 7.