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Are you struggling to make real connections in the chaos of social media? Wish it was easier to start a conversation face-to-face? Download the App that was made for our business! What to say, what to send, the tools you need and the exact steps to follow for success are rolled right into your smartphone. Easy to use, branded to our company, personalized to you.

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Share CTFO products and business faster and easier then ever before with our private label app by Rapid Funnel. Complete tool with a Contact Manager that let’s you share personal and system resources.

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Click on New User

NOTE: If you already have another Rapid Funnel product you may just add our group code to your current account to keep all of your contacts. Or use a new email address to get a separate account for CTFO.

Download the “Rapid Funnel” app and sign up with group code: CTFO.

Or if you signed up on your computer simply login with your user name and password.

Go to Settings

Your name, phone and email should already be there through the sign up process. You will also want to add:

  • Associate ID
  • Associate Website Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Social Media Links
  • Other contact info as desired (do not put your physical street address in)
  • Click Save (bottom left)

Set Up Your Business Card

Go to Settings OR Go Resources / Category View
Manage Business Card (upper right corner in blue)

  • Enter or Edit Personal Details
  • Click Add Button Below Personal Details
  • Add as many Buttons as you want to show on your business card.
  • You can name your buttons anything you want.
  • Link the Resource you want to show.
  • You may also add a Personal Resource.

To Add a Personal Resource go to Resources, then go to Personal, then upload your resource.

  • Click CONTINUE after each entry.
  • Click ADD BUTTON for each entry you wish to show on your card.
  • Click SAVE when finished.

Examples of Electronic Business Cards

CLICK HERE to View the Example of the Free Version

CLICK HERE to View the Power Players Card

CLICK HERE to View & Download Colli’s Card

EXAMPLES of Social Sharing Pages

Ready Set GO Glutathione Product and Business

CEO Tour Products & Opportunity

3 Step Tour Product Pay Opportunity

EXAMPLES of Great Resources

Dynamic Duo BEP Talk with social media influencer Beth Johnston

App Resources

The Following is a List of Resources in the app that you may want to add to your business card.

(You can customize Button names)
Last 10 Years and 4 Second Solution55948Problem & Solution to Pique Interest (V)
Dynamic Duo for Health & Wealth56154Dynamic Duo Product & Biz (S)
Dr Hyman on Glutathione55612Dr Hyman (V)
Celebrities Raving about Glutathione55610Celebrities (V)
Dr Oz & Dr David Katz on Glutathione56111Dr Oz & Katz (V)
Dr Trobiani on GlutaMyst56146Dr Trobiani interview by David D (V)
Glutathione Health Benefits55591Health Benefits (V)
Glutathione not just for the Wealthy55378Affordable Glutathione (V)
Ready, Set, GO!54871Ready Set Go Videos and Link (S)
Ready Set Go for CTFO549776 Minute SET Video product and biz (V)
Reverse Aging with Glutathione54783Glutathione, GlutaMyst, Order (S)
My Website53250Your CTFO Replicate Website (L)
GlutaMyst Innovation Video54872GlutaMyst Innovation Product Only (V)
GlutaMyst Product Video533354 1/2 Minute Product Sizzle Video (V)
Biz Opp with Builder Packs5482220 Minute CEO Presentation (V)
Dr Templeman Bookends for Health55009Dr T shares experiences with the bookends (V)
CEO Tour Dynamic Duo & Opportunity53966CEO Tour of the Product & Biz (S)
3 Step Tour53863GlutaMyst, Business, Compensation (S)
XanthoMyst Product Video502753 Minute Product Sizzle Video (V)
Get SET with GlutaMyst54877GlutaMyst Set Video Ready Set Go (V)
The Dynamic Duo Explained54381Dr. Templeman Explains the Dynamic Duo
XanthoMyst & GlutaMyst53214Dr. Templeman on Dynamic Duo
XanthoMyst Marketing Site53541Your CTFO XanthoMyst Product Site (L)
GlutaMyst Marketing Site53540Your CTFO GlutaMyst Product Site (L)
GlutaMyst Report54635GlutaMyst Report (P)
XanthoMyst Report54636XanthoMyst Report (P)
Twist & Myst Opportunity5363920 Minute Product and Biz Overview (V)
XanthoMyst Business Site53542Your CTFO XanthoMyst Biz Site (L)
Welcome to the Team53252Life As It Could Be Welcome Page (L)
Life As It Could Be44490https://lifeasitcouldbe.com/ (L)
Twist & Myst for Success53975CEO Product & Business Overview Video n(V)

(L) Link
(V) Video
(S) Social (Lead Capture or Landing Page)


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