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Team Call Recording Training on Vital4Lyfe Packs and Promotions

Team Call 6/10/24: Vital4Lyfe Website and App Training and CTFO Success Cruise Leaders

New Vital4Lyfe Packs and Promotions are available now through the end of June 2024. Get on the pack and refer three and yours can be free for Lyfe!

Vital4Lyfe Pack

The Vital4Lyfe Pack is a selection of “Reduced” Glutathione, Mangosteen Xanthone-Rich nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a form your body will recognize plus Super 7TM, a delicious blend of the world’s 7 major Super Fruits.

Vital4Lyfe Freedom Pack

The Vital4Lyfe FREEdom Pack is available for new members to purchase in their First 30 Days. You get THREE Vital4Lyfe Packs for just $399.97! That is an Additional Savings of $140!

Refer THREE and Yours is FREE

Vital4Lyfe Freedom Pack