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Team Call 6/7 with Kevin Fournier

Team Call 6/7 with Kevin Fournier

Wednesday a BIG Day for CTFO and for our Power Players XanthoMyst Team!

The CTFO Markets in the EU and the UK will announce the pre-launch of XanthoMyst into their markets. Emails will be sent to all CTFO members in those markets that XanthoMyst will be available for Pre-Order on June 8th!

CTFO is Opening a Brand New Market with the Pre-Launch of XanthoMyst in Mexico! There will be two calls Wednesday Night. The first to announce the pre-launch of the market to current CTFO members. The second will be a business opportunity overview in Spanish to Mexican Prospects.

Plug into the first call and join our team call afterward to get all the details on the International Opportunities in CTFO with our special guest, Kevin Fournier, president of CTFO.

Invite your Mexican friends to the second call and be part of a global launch in Mexico!

Invite your team, your prospects, and your friends to learn about a unique opportunity to launch a powerful new Mangosteen Product to the world!

  • Join us Wednesday, June 7th @ 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET
  • XanthoMyst Global Expansion
  • with CTFO President Kevin Fournier

  • XanthoMyst pre-orders begin on June 7th in New Markets.
  • All Current CTFO Markets in Europe and the UK.
  • And MEXICO, a whole new market for CTFO.

Tune in and learn what has been happening in CTFO since the launch of XanthoMyst and how YOU can create significant additional by building locally and expanding globally.

Go to:  – Zoom Meeting ID: 89534260694