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Team Update 5/3/23

Team Update 5/3/23

NEW Event Posted in Reno Nevada, Thursday May 11th at 6:50 pm.

Your Power Players Team Leaders will be at the event along with Founder Stuart Finger, CEO, Co-Founder Steve Finger and Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Phillip Zinni. If you live in the area or know anyone who does, send them our way and we will take good care of them. Email us at [email protected] and let us know if you or any of your contacts plan to attend.


If you missed the Super Saturday on April 29th you can catch the replay. I edited the portion of David D’Arcangelo and Dr. Templeman so you can share that 13 minutes portion with your friends. It is also on the XanthoMyst product page.

Full Replay Super Saturday Training including the new VERB Live Launch

Tickets On Sale Now for all XanthoMyst Launch Events


You may have received this directly from Michael Swilling but in the event you missed it, here is the Legacy Team Weekly Newsletter.

Attending live events is essential for CTFO associates as they offer a unique opportunity to connect and learn from other associates, leaders, and corporate team members. These in-person gatherings provide invaluable knowledge and skills to help accelerate the growth of your CTFO business. 
It’s important to note that these events are open to ALL members, as we are one team and part of the same CTFO family.
If you like to host an event in your area, I am happy to fly in to attend to help support you and your team, Michael. 
Reno, Nevada, May 11th – Business Presentation
Hosted by Co-Founders Stu & Steve, and Dr. Phillip Zinni
7:00 PM PST – 3575 E Hidden Valley Country Club
Cromwell, Connecticut, May 21st – XanthoMyst Global Launch Summit Hosted by Presidential Director Michael Swilling & 50k Adam Levy. Don’t wait too long – the early bird discounted price for the training and lunch with President Kevin Founier ends on May 5th. Details CLICK HERE
Calgary AB CANADA, June 2-3, 2023 Leadership Event Hosted by CTFO’s TeamYounitii (TM), who recently had 67 team advancements in just eight weeks, starting at 1k Executive Manager. And 553 people who’ve joined after saying, “we’re ALL in” just 79 days ago.Details CLICK HERE
Dallas, TEXAS July 8th – Special Guest Dr, Templeman Hosted by CTFO’s Power Players XanthoMyst Team. With a track record of over 1 million members in 56 countries and $2 Billion in sales from their previous company, Power Players has established itself as a formidable force in the industry. Moreover, they have earned a personal income of over $10 million, with over 150 team members making over $1 million and 50 more, achieving multiple millions in earnings.Details CLICK HERE
NEW FEATURE ADDED TO PREMIUM MARKETING SYSTEM LIVE Streaming eCommerce Social Shopping with Attribution
Similar to attending a presentation at a hotel but done online. You invite guests, have a guest speaker present and close, and YOU receive credit for your prospects that SHOP or JOIN.
Directions To Get Your Premium Marketing System ⬇️Log into your MyCTFO Back Office. Click the image that says “PREMIUM MARKETING SYSTEM SIGNUP & LOGIN.”
CTFO’s modern solution for presenting and selling products and opportunities involves interactive technology with advanced live-streaming capabilities. Associates who optionally choose to use this tool can direct their prospects to a live or recorded presentation by the corporate or team leaders.
eCommerce Live Stream Social Shopping is the wave of the future, and CTFO is a pioneer in this space
During our soft launch, we request that you hold your questions. We have an extensive training program starting next, so please stay tuned for updates.

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In the meantime, exploring your mobile app and the desktop version is suggested. You will find excellent training videos on your app. 
Please note, Social Shopping is just one of the many ways to share CTFO products with others.
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