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The best way to build a successful business in CTFO is with XanthoMyst, our flagship product launched earlier this year. But we do have additional wellness products that can help boost your immune system.

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But if you are just interested in being a customer, we have great promotions on customer packs as well. Let’s take a look.

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Business Builders

Both of these special Business Builder Packs Qualify As Platinum Packs which is KEY to Building the Business!


Your initial purchase is just the beginning. Now you want to set up a SmartShip. You can save 5% – 20% on all future orders with CTFO by subscribing to our SmartShip program. And if you put one of our Holiday Promotion Packs on your SmartShip, you will get a FREE XanthoMyst for Life on every order!

If you are a single member household, you may want just ONE Foundational Health Pack, but for TWO member households, you will want two. And if you are a business builder, you may want to put the FOUR-Pack on SmartShip so you will SAVE the maximum amount of money and get FOUR FREE XanthoMysts for Life!